What is Stephen Ministry?
We have many needs for care in our congregation and community: people experiencing divorce, grief, a terminal illness, loss of a job, relocation, an empty nest, retirement, hospitalization, loneliness, and many other stresses or challenges. Often people with needs suffer silently or do not request or receive the level of care they really need. With all these challenges you can quickly see why it would be impossible for the Pastor to meet every single need of every single person. Stephen Ministry expands the care Bethel can offer by equipping and organizing members to provide Christian care. This gives us a larger group of people with the gifts, skills and calling to bring Christ’s love and care to those who need it. Stephen Ministry is grounded in Jesus’ command to love one another. Through caring and confidential relationships, those who are hurting receive love and support.

How do I find out more about Stephen Ministry?
We have a team of Stephen Leaders who direct and implement Stephen Ministry in our congregation. The Stephen Leaders are Caren Campbell and Lori Vurgun.  If you or someone you knows has a need for a Stephen Minister, please contact any of the Stephen Leaders or Pastor Jeff Nellermoe directly or through the church office. Please do not leave confidential information on the telephone voicemail or email. Simply leave your name, phone number and/or address and the name of the Stephen Leader you wish to speak to.